Understanding Herbal Constituents and Plant Chemistry

Join us for HMA’s Newest Interactive Distance-Learning Course with Lisa Ganora!

Participants will enjoy a comprehensive exploration of the nature and practical use of medicinal molecules in herbs and health-promoting foods. Designed for holistic/complementary medicine students and practitioners, professional herbalists, and those working in the herbal products industry, this course offers a deep understanding of how plants work to promote health and healing. Using extensive video, beautifully illustrated PowerPoints, and live webinars with Lisa Ganora (author of  the included textbook, Herbal Constituents: Foundations of Phytochemistry), this course provides a comprehensive exploration of phytochemistry basics; solubility and extractions; synergy and variability; classification and relationships of constituents; safety and herb/drug interactions; and how the constituents in our most popular medicinal plants contribute to their actions, energetics, and therapeutic personalities.

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The Colors of Vitality
Foundations of Phytochemistry
Synergy and Medicinal Plant Constituents
Variability of Constituents in Botanicals
Polarity, Solubility and Extractions
Organization and Solubility of Herbal Constituents
Carbohydrate Constituents and their Health Effects
Lipids and Derivatives in Food and Herbs
Amino Acid Derivatives: glucosinolates, cyanogenic glycosides …
Polyphenols: flavonoids, coumarins, and many more
Terpenoids: EO constituents, sesquiterpene lactones, triterpenes, carotenoids …
Steroidal Constituents and Saponins
Alkaloids in Medicinal Plants
Safety and Interactions of Herbal Constituents in Practice
Constituents and Product Formulation

Are you a medical practitioner, pharmacist, professional herbalist, botanical medicine maker or advanced student who wants to learn more about how herbs work, and how to work with herbs? Understanding Herbal Constituents was designed for you! Join your instructor, Lisa Ganora, for a thorough, practical and enjoyable 24-week study of the principles and practice of medicinal phytochemistry and herbal constituents relevant to the contemporary use of healing herbs.

This course includes more than 70 hours of video and live interactive webinars with Lisa. In addition, you’ll receive a copy of Herbal Constituents: Foundations of Phytochemistry; comprehensive study guides for each video; and handouts with more information on special topics. An online classroom allows for forum discussion, Q & A, knowledge sharing, video and handout downloads and more. Certification through Herbal Medics Academy will be issued to students who pass the graded quizzes and a final exam.

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This fun, informative, deep dive into phytochemistry is something that can’t be found anywhere else and Lisa’s teaching style brings it to life and makes it relevant to your daily practice. This course is a boon to any health care provider, as it helps us to really understand “the why” behind the supplements, herbs and foods that we are recommending. You will be empowered to more critically evaluate supplement and herbal products on the market and make your own formulas more potent and effective. I highly recommend this course and feel sure that you and your clients will benefit from it for many years to come!
~Shelley O’Neill, MD


Chemistry can be a really dry subject, but Lisa’s obvious passion for herbs makes her a very dynamic instructor. She uses a variety of techniques to present complex material, and that makes it more understandable. This course met and exceeded my expectations! I learned to retain so much of the esoteric topic! I would recommend this course for anyone with an interest in herbal constituents.
~Mary Tigerwright, Certified Herbalist


Lisa is one of the most knowledgeable herbalists in the world. Having the opportunity to learn from her is truly a fortuitous gift.
~Cheri King, Naturopathic Doctor